At the heart of River & Colour is the belief that the world we live in is profoundly beautiful. But it is so easy to ignore this beauty in the rush of life. River & Colour is about slowing down to remember and treasure your beautiful moments.

vanessa kong


Vanessa founded River & Colour in April 2020 as a way to reconnect with her passion for painting forgotten moments. Originally from New Zealand, Vanessa spent her childhood drawing on literally everything. Naturally, she went on to study a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in contemporary painting at AUT in Auckland, NZ. In late 2018 she took a chance on her lifelong passion for painting and relocated to Sydney.

Vanessa finds joy in discovering what experiences have made her clients who they uniquely are and capturing the emotions of those moments in her art. She is inspired by the impressionists like Manet and the colour field artists of the sixties.

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